How would I get 2 AppleScript Objective-C files to work together, or just have a method that unfreezes the UI when I am doing a repetitive action while the user needs to enter in information or something requiring multitasking?

I am trying to say, for example, if you were going to make an application that needs to check the contents of a text field constantly, for unaccepted characters, the UI would need to be available. That is just an example, I would like to do more than just that, such as a UI element’s integer value.

For one, you should search for your question before asking, there’s another Multitasking thread that’s recently active, and you can get some answers here:

For your specific example of “making an application that needs to check the contents of a text field constantly” you can use the notification method controlNextDidChange. In InterfaceBuilder, control-click on the text field you want to follow as it changes and connect the delegate selector to the AppleScript class you put the following handler in.

What controlTextDidChange_ does is “notify” or activate and run its method everytime the text in your text field changes. This isn’t really multitasking, but it does let you interact constantly with the string in your text field.

It’s better to use bindings to bind the string value of your text field to a property in your script.

I know the basics of ASOC, and that post helped. Now I know what to do.