My Applescript file changed into something else?

I was working on an ASOC project in X-Code and the drive it was saved on crashed so of course everything disappeared. When I restarted the drive and opened the file the AppDelegate.applescript file turned into something I don’t recognize. Here is a small snippet of it starting at the very top:

geScaling=“proportionallyDown” inset=“2” id=“1368”>

It actually still builds and runs, but of course I can’t work on it.
Anyone know what happened, and if it’s possible to recover it? Thank God I have a backup, but I lost a day of work.



the snippet is actually a part of an Interface Builder .xib file, the textual representation of the Interface layout.

I figured it was something like that. It’s like an xml file describing the interface. So somehow my .xib file filled my script file with its guts. But the app still builds from it, so my script file’s guts must be somewhere…? I’ve examined every file in the project. Weird. Should I just accept that it’s gone or is this some known behavior with a solution?