My Applescript is running like a dog under ML

At least it’s working though!!

Under SL it takes about 10 seconds to complete a complex process moving data from Excel, into MYSQL and then into Filemaker and doing some reporting.

Under ML the exact same process takes about 40 seconds. It also makes you click on the bouncing FileMaker icon before it will run that part of the script (I think I read something about this - it’s to do with security I think).

All the apps on their own seem to run at the same speed as under SL so I think it is something to do with Applescript.

Have to admit thought I’m surprised it worked at all with Apple seemingly trying to kill anything that’s actually useful to the professional user!

Have you recompiled in Mountain Lion?
I had one script which ran poorly in ML until I made a trivial change to it, after which recompile, it worked fine.