My first "attempt" to script...

Today is my first day attempting to write a script. I am trying to display the amount of time remaining before a set date: Here’s my attempt:

set theDate to the current date
set anndate to date “Saturday, September 13, 2003 8:00:00 AM”
set dateDif to (anndate - theDate) as string
display dialog " Anniversary is in " & dateDif

but, when I run the script I get:

Anniversary is in 4917580

How can I convert this number into a number of months/days/hours/minutes? Any help would be great…thanks


set daysRemaining to 4917580 div 86400 --> days
set theRest to 4917580 mod 86400 --> rest
set hoursRemaining to theRest div 3600 --> hours
theRest mod 3600 --> rest
set minutesRemaining to result div 60 --> minutes

{daysRemaining, hoursRemaining, minutesRemaining}