my name of script


I don’t really understand this:

set my_name to name of me
display dialog my_name

Saved this as an appllication and got “MyName” which is the name of the app. But, what’s getting “MyName”. Is it AppleScript, the application, … ?

Edited: hope I didn’t miss something Nigel wrote about in another post.


It’s the name of the current application. The name of the application is defined/stored in the bundle name in the info.plist (key: CFBundleName). This is default behavior.

Edit: Of course the name can be overridden by adding an property with a key name in the main script object. Then the name property differs from the bundle name. Other applications can of course override this property in different ways if they like.

Hi DJ Bazzie Wazzie,

That’s why some properties error. I need to read the keys to see what properties are stored. :smiley:

Edited: or just look at the info.plist. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot,

That’s why nothing shows up but the name! :smiley: Need to use System Events or Finder.


It’s kind of confusing. I wonder what’s reading the info.plist. A script is looking at itself, so it must be the application?