My NSOutlineView is silent. Why?


I am trying (desperately) to make a NSOutlineView working.

To make some cells appear in red, I use the method

on outlineView_willDisplayCell_forTableColumn_item_(aTable, aCell, aTableColumn, anItem)
    log "will display"

but this handler is never called. Why? My script is the OutlineView’s delegate, so it should be notified when a cell is about to be displayed. but nothing happens. Nor with this one:

on outlineView_willDisplayOutlineCell_forTableColumn_item_(aTable, aCell, aTableColumn, anItem)
    log "will display"

Any idea?

Is this a cell based or view based outline view? These 2 methods are for cell based outlines.


Hi Ric.

Well, the cells are view based (they are your cells, by the way – I’m trying to rewrite the app using Objective-C).

Does it mean that it’s not possible to make a late adjustment for them, as to disable them?

EDIT: I’m reading about “View-Based Table Views” in the Docs. not the kind of things I master in two days.