Myriad Table framework has expired. Is this true?

This is probably best addressed to Shane.
Hi Shane,
Right on midnight today, a script using a Myriad Table crashed with the message “This framework has expired.(-11111)”.
I checked two other scripts I have using MT and got the same message. I checked your site for a new version but it is still 1.0.3. I still downloaded it in case my copy was corrupted. I installed the new copy but the message is the same.
Is this some date related bug in the framework or some Apple security issue?
Is there any quick fix?
My OS is 10.11.4.

Best regards,

My apologies. Version 1.0.4 is now available for download.

Thanks Shane.
To me, this is the most useful AS extension since the proverbial sliced bread. It makes writing clear, easy to understand, almost foolproof, user interfaces quick and easy, replacing long and at times difficult to follow if blocks, choose and dialog chains.
Thank you again.

FYI, I’ve just released version 1.0.5. Two small changes:

  • Better error handling when invalid data is entered;

  • A new option to specify a user’s preference for formatting date columns.

Thank you

Here’s the link just to make it easier to find, especially for those who have not used this great library before: