mysql AppleScript interface

I have written the first version (Alpha) of an interface to AppleScript for the unix command line of mysql(not installed by default on MacOSX).

It is a bit more alpha and rushed than i would like but it looks like I finally have some short term contact work and earning money at this stage is more important so I thought I should release it as is, and get some feedback.

It is too large to paste into here, so you can download it from the following address. It will always be freeware. There is at present no mention of it on my website as it is too alpha for that.

Replying to my own post, now that’s a bit scary.

I forgot, I really really really do want feedback, even if just to say that you are using it.


man, you realy did, i am very apreciate your work its wonderfull.
I am work in filemaker and it is a nightmare with licenses, and this applescript will help me to change to mysql and php.

Tank You.

That link doesn’t seem to work for me and, from your site, the “mySQL4AppleScript” project appears to be almost 2 years old.


Your right John,

I don’t know if you noticed or not but my posts to the forum are almost 2 years old (5 August 2003) on the applescript mysql routines. I haven’t touched those routines since I think October 2003.

Here is an updated link:

I believe Hamish Sanderson, aka hhas has improved upon my original rush job. I didn’t take it any further because of some issues with escaping a particular character when passing the mysql commands to the command line. From memory the character was the problematic one. I could see that it was possible by passing every string that was passed into the AppleScript handlers to escape the character but I didn’t need that for the task I had at the time and the impact on performance looked like it was going to be significant.

I never released the handlers beyond a beta state.

I also believe that Jean Baptiste has made a osaxen to do similar stuff which probably doesn’t suffer from the same problem.


Doh! Time stamps. Too little sleep…


.sit.hqx? Please don’t make me install StuffIt.

I have uploaded a new file to:

I hope that helps.