Mystery of the red close button on "choose from list" dialog

Can anyone help solve this mystery? I’ve written a script that starts with a “choose from list” dialog. The script is saved as an application bundle. When I run the script, there are no buttons in the title bar. When another user runs the script, he sees a red button in the title bar, and when he tries to click that button, the script stops and he has to force-quit it.

There are screen shots and a discussion in this thread:

The two screen shots - one from my machine, the other from the other user’s machine - are in the thirteenth and fourteenth messages in the thread; scroll down to see them.

Any information would be very welcome!


There is a bug in OS X localization. If the preferred language in System Preferences is Nederlands (Dutch), German, French, or a few others, a red close-window button appears when Applescripts are running. This does not occur when the preferred language is English, Swedish, Japanese, etc.

Very curious!