Need a little help if possible

Hello all,
First time here and first time trying to tackle scripting on a mac after recently purchasing one!
I am asking for assistance im trying to make a script or automation to do the following things:
Script 1
Change the network location,
Change a tick box in the LDAP settings
and stop at the sharing preferences to allow me to change it manually:

Script 2
Change the dock preferences, ie. the hiding and magnification properties
Change the background
Add an item to dock
And change a user setting that requires admin password

And probably another Script that will check checkboxes in the finder preferences,
I attempted to do this using automator, but it would not let me into the directory utility for some reason?

Thank in advance

Well, your going to need GUI scripting for sure. There are some GUI gurus here that could probably help you out.

is it going to be a big job, if it is theres no point,
Kinda wanted it for today, but oh well…

Hi PacketStorm,

Don’t give up.

Here’s a simple script to access the Network Pane of your System Preferences that should let you activate or change some settings.

tell application "System Events"
	set frontmost of application "Finder" to true
	tell application "System Preferences"
		set current pane to pane ""
		display dialog "I am now in the network preference pane." buttons "OK" default button 1 with icon 1
	end tell
end tell

You can do the same thing as above to access the Dock Preferences as well.

I hope that you can start with the above simple script and get it extended to take care of your other needs.

Good luck!

archseed :slight_smile:


Sorry - that line “set frontmost of app “Finder”…” in the simple script is superfluous. You can delete that.

archseed :smiley:

Hi Packetstorm,

most of your questions depend on the system version

Thanks for all of the replys,
this was all going to be for Leopard, as we were deploying new machines, instead i just lined 4 up at a time and did the same thing at the same time, takes longer.
But never the less, i nearly have them all done so thanks anyways, i will be changing the way we reimage so that this kind of thing needn’t be done.
Thanks once again!