Need Applescript for Index generation in Quarkxpress

Hi Master’s,

Here i am working in Quarkxpress 6.5, actually we have completed the Index file, what happend is my team has mistakenly updated the page numbers now client asked us to update the correct page numbers.

For example,

Title, 23
Computer, 45
Figure, 55
Science, 100-105 and so…

Above is an example for how it looks, we need a script to change the page number by increment of +16 to all the page numbers in application itself. (above 23 becomes 39, and 100-105 become 116-121 and so on)

How it going to look;

Title, 39
Computer, 61
Figure, 71
Science, 116-121 and so…

Any ideas, Thanks…

Its very urgent…

Elansezhian R.