Need help converting eps files.

I’m having trouble making older Illustrator eps files into Illustrator CS files. Any ideas?

tell application “Finder”
set the_container to choose folder with prompt “Choose the Folder.”
select every file of the_container
open every file of the_container
tell application “Illustrator CS”
set user interaction level to never interact
update legacy text
save every file in the_container as “Illustrator CS” with options {class:EPS save options, compatibility:Illustrator 11, preview:color Macintosh, embed linked files:true, include document thumbnails:true, embed all fonts:true, CMYK PostScript:true, PostScript:level 2}
close current document saving no
end try
end tell
end tell

I’ve been doing some fairly extensive Illustrator CS scripting lately but have not tried to open and save any old files into the CS format. I don’t know if this will help but it seems to me that you may need to use a loop when you’re updating the legacy text in order for it to update all files that are open. What kind of errors are you getting when trying this script? Have you tried just one file to see if it works on that alone? I haven’t seen the “with options” part of the statement before. I usually end up using “with properties”. Can’t say if the options statement works or not since I have not used it before. I have a pdf of the Illustrator Scripting guide that I believe I got off of the Adobe web site. You might search for that if you haven’t already. My scripting has been alot of trial and error.

Sorry I could not help any more.