Need help copying a file from network to local folder

It seems like it should be a simple task, but being new to applescript, I can’t get it to work! I want to copy a file from the network to my local disk using a script. Here’s what I’m doing, but it gives me the error:

Can’t set <> “Zookini:Library:Scripts” of application “Finder” to file “Public:Logon Folder OS X:Client Scripts:Network Logon Script” of application Finder.

“Network Logon Script” is the file I want copied into local, whose hard drive is “Zookini”.

Here’s my script:

property RelAdditionsDestination : "Library:ScriptingAdditions:"
property NLSource : "Network Logon Script"
property OSAXSource : "24U Appearance OSAX.osax"
global OSVersion
global OSVersionString
global InstallLogonName

on run
	-- Check the system version
		copy my gestaltVersion_info("sysv", 4) to {system_version, OSVersionString}
		set OSVersion to system_version / 100.0
	on error -- most likely running in classic mode on OSX
		set OSVersion to 10.2
	end try
	if OSVersion is not greater than or equal to 10.2 then
		display dialog "This script requires Mac OS 10.2 or higher. Use the old version of ¬
		Network Logon for OS 8.5 or later." with icon stop ¬
			buttons {"Cancel"} default button 1
	end if
	set Scripts_Path to path to scripts folder as string from local domain
	set Startup_Path to path to startup disk as string from local domain
	tell application "Finder"
		set InstallLogonName to (the name of (path to me)) as string
		set InstallLogonPath to path to me as string
		set x to the offset of ":" in (the reverse of every character of InstallLogonPath) as string
		set current_path to (characters 1 thru -(x) of InstallLogonPath) as string
		set NLPath to current_path & NLSource
		set OSAXPath to current_path & OSAXSource
		set AdditionsDestination to Startup_Path & RelAdditionsDestination
		--		display dialog NLPath & " to:" & return & ScriptDestination & return & OSAXPath & " to:" & return & AdditionsDestination
		display dialog "Copy " & NLPath & " to:" & return & Scripts_Path & "?" & return & AdditionsDestination
		-- copy files
		duplicate file NLPath to folder Scripts_Path with replacing
	end tell
end run

Any help would be appreciated!!

Never mind, I got it. Turns out that adding “as alias” to the end of each of the paths fixed the problem. Can anyone explain why this is?


Because if it isn’t a complete reference, it’s nothing but a string of characters.