Need help delaying eject disk

I am writing a script to mount a volume while running an application, then eject the volume on exit of the application. This works with all of my apps except one. I believe it is because the app goes back to the volume to save info when it quits, but the script ejects the volume before it can save the info. Any help will really be appreciated. The app runs in the classic mode but I don’t think this is related to the problem. Here is the script

tell application “Finder”
mount volume “Macvol” on server “MARK2” as user name “macuser” with password “macuser”
activate application “Orchard Manager”

end tell

tell application “Finder”
“delay 60”
tell application “Finder” to set exists_ to exists process “Orchard Manager”
if exists_ is false then
tell application “Finder” to eject disk “Macvol”
exit repeat
tell me to quit
end if

end tell

end repeat