Need help due to Brain Fart

I am trying to do the simplest of scripts and… nothing but problems.

All I want is to go through all defined SMTP servers in and change the authentication type to password for each one. Thats it… but for the life of me…

Also, Mail supports only four types of inherent authentication types through scripting ( as far as I know)… is there a why to change this type to NTLM whit out modifying the pref file directly?

Any help is greatly appreciated…


Hi Pezo,

try this:

tell application "Mail"
	set authentication of smtp servers to password
end tell

Note: It’s not possible, to set the password with AppleScript

Thanks for the reply… I to thought this was very easy but for the life of me can not get it to work.
I tried your script and get the Error

Mail got an error: Can’t make password into type «class exut».

Which is very similar to all the errors I get trying it several different ways.

Any further help would be appreciated…