need help! extract doc from excel list and fax

Please provide a quick script if you can.

I have an excel file that on one sheet contains a 2 column list of 50 file names, i.e. ‘johnsmith.doc’, ‘susanrice.doc’, etc that matches actual files in another folder.

column A has the file names, and column B has the fax numbers.

a1 :b1
johnsmith.doc : fax number 1
susanrice.doc : fax number 2

I am looking for a script that would open and read the excel file, go to cell a2 and read the name, then go to finder and open the corresponding file and fax it to the corresponding fax number in cell b2. Then it would loop back and go to a3 and b3 and repeat until the last item on the list has been faxed.

an automator solution would also work.

thanks in advance


anybody got some ideas on this? need help, willing to pay

Wondering if you could give me some tips on the following. I have a list of 50 word or pdf files that I need to fax out to 50 different clients. I have been trying to write an applescript to get the name of the doc (which is the fax number) and automatically fax it. Or I can also have the script read an excel list match the file name on the list to the fax number and send.

Any idea on how to do this? I don’t have filesender, but do use pagesender or faxst



Model: g4
Browser: Safari 525.22
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)


I have no idea about the PageSender part because I don’t use it, but I read it’s scriptable.
Here is a script, which asks for an Excel file and the folder which contains the files.
The script assumes, the Excel file contains only the file names, not the whole paths.
Every file will be opened in MS Word , then you have to add the PageSender part,
and the file will be closed.

set excelFile to choose file with prompt "Choose the Excel file"
set theFolder to choose folder with prompt "Choose the folder containing the files"
tell application "Microsoft Excel"
	open excelFile
	set P to value of used range of active sheet
end tell
repeat with i in P
	set theFile to ((theFolder as text) & item 1 of i) as alias
	set theNumber to item 2 of i as integer as text
	tell application "Microsoft Word" to open theFile
	-- pageSender part
	tell application "Microsoft Word" to close document 1 saving no
end repeat