Need help for beginner with launchd

Since Yosemite seems to have a bug with FolderActionsDispatcher hogging and expanding memory grinding the computer to a halt, it has been suggested to use launchd instead of enabling folder actions. I have looked a some launchd stuff and I do not follow it too well. Is there a resource for using launchd that assumes you know nothing and goes from there. Can I make launchd run my folder action applescripts? Thanks

Have you looked at


Note that folder actions now uses launchd I think. So, there still might be a memory leak if you use launchd. Not sure; couldn’t figure out how folder actions work now.

Edited: and btw, you should be able to find my almost step by step routine to create a folder action like launchd plist with help from Dj and others I think. I don’t think they deleted that post.



Launchd is an integral part of the operating system that work on a much lower level, than folder actions so I find it very unlikely that launchd would have any memory leaks, because that would severly cripple the whole operating system.

If launchd seems quirky to use, then I’d google for hazel, which has a friendly user interface for scripting folder actions. Hazel doesn’t use folder actions for the handling of file events in a folder, it probably uses launchd itself, or the more primitive FSEvents.

Googling for hazel, Yosemite, and problems, made it clear for me, that Hazel, at least was affected with problems in Yosemite too. :confused: The last bug-report on noodle-soft forums that came up, was dated 28 of November 2014, so I think they have fixed the issue since then.