Need Help in Recreating a Window Display Command

Hello all,

I had written a nice Applescript that removes Office 2011 for Mac completely. Using a shell script, it removes the entire application suite, including all licensing files, fonts and so on. All user files, however, are left intact. It works fine but in a move of temporary insanity, I lost my source code, leaving only the “Run Only” version.


I have managed to get all the bits working in more or less the same fashion, save for one: the opening window which explains what the script does. It’s like a dialog only without the annoyances of the standard dialog box. It has a scroll bar AND is stretchable.

Here is the unstretched version:

Here is the same image only after stretching the dialog window:

I am well aware of the usual limitations of “display dialog” and “display alert”. What I can’t figure out is how I got around those limitations. Any ideas as to how I might have achieved this feat?

Hi. Welcome to MacScripter.

You need to save your script as an application, checking the “Startup Screen” option in the “Save As.” dialog.

I guess i wasn’t clear. The problem is NOT how to save my script. I have no problems with that. I lost the original because I had failed to make a backup before losing the contents of my drive.

The question is how do I re-generate the dialog box / window shown in the two linked images. I suspect I was using some kind of addition to the standard suite but am not at all sure.

I guess I wasn’t clear. That’s exactly what I told you. :wink:

Edit: I suppose I should add that the text displayed is whatever you write in AppleScript Editor’s Description pane.

Aha. I stand or rather sit actually - I hate typing standing up - corrected. :slight_smile:

No wonder I couldn’t find an alternative “write” option; it’s actually a “save” option! I have to say that segmenting output options in that way is weird but at least it works.

Many thanks.

PS: It just goes to show what happens when you don’t touch something you’ve just learned in a while.