Need help scripting HTML

Greeting all. I am having a problem writing my first script. The script will pull information out of a itunes playlist and write it into the html anchor in a new text document. This is the line of the script.

my add_to_contents(“<A HREF=“ipod:music?artist=&aTracksArtist&” & “album=&aTracksAlbum&”>&aTracksAlbum&”)

This is what I want the text file line to look like—


the problem starts at the quote mark infront if “ipod”, It seems that the quote mark is interfering with the script. The script thinks that the quote make is an end to the “add_to_contents” command. Can I have the script just ignore that one quote mark?

Please help

You can “escape” any double-quote by placing a backslash ( ) before any you don’t want the script to interpret as part of it’s code. I’m pretty sure you’re looking for something like this…

my add_to_contents("<A HREF="ipod:music?artist=" & aTracksArtist & "&album=" & aTracksAlbum & "">" & aTracksAlbum & "</A>")



Man that helps allot, not to mention the savings in time. Thank you!