need help scripting...

First, let me say I am no scripter and have never really touched applescript. But now I have been asked to try and write one. Fun stuff. I have looked around on the internet and solved part of the problem but I’m having trouble with the second part of the script.

Basically, the script needs to download a zip file from an ftp and then extract it to a folder on the Hard Drive each morning when the user logs in. I have the download portion worked out I believe but I need help with the extract from a zip portion. The filename will not change of the zip file and the filenames inside the zip will not change so they must be able to overwrite what already exists in the folder.

I think that covers everything. Thanks for any help in advance

Your applescript n00b,


Basically, you’re going to want to perform a "do shell "script using gzip and gunzip. Use the man pages to see what parameters you want to use. Don’t forget to check file overwrite conditions…

Good luck,