Need help setting up a NSMutableDictionary

I need to set up a NSMutableDictionary with will have 20 key/value pairs. The values will initially be empty lists. I need to use a NSMutableDictionary so I can loop through my code and programmatically reference the keys.

Thanks in advance,
Brad Bumgarner

Just create a mutable dictionary, and use setObject_forKey_ to add value/key pairs:

set theDict to current application's NSMutableDictionary's dictionaryWithCapacity_(20)
repeat with i from 1 to 20
	theDict's setObject_forKey_({}, "Key" & i)
end repeat

Well, that was MUCH too easy!! :lol::lol: I saw the dictionaryWithCapasity_ but couldn’t figure out how to get the keys added to it.

Thanks Shane.