Need Help With Adding Text In Description Field In AD

I am creating an Automator app using Applescript to perform several tasks related to our Active Directory system. For one of the tasks, I need to fill out the Description field/attribute on the computer account in AD. Of course I have variables set earlier in the script which I am then using in my shell script line shown below.

The problem I am running into is that this command doesn’t tend to work well, hence the need for the “try” & “on error” additions in order to continue past the error.

The error I get is: “Syntax Error: Data source (/Active Directory/domain/All Domains) is not valid.”

The “domain” part does display correctly, so I know it’s pulling the associated variable in correctly.

So I am wondering, do I need to edit this code somehow or if there is a better method to achieve the same goal?

Here is an example of what I currently have:

	do shell script "/usr/bin/dscl -u " & domain_admin & " -P " & admin_password & " '/Active Directory/" & short_name & "/All Domains' -merge '/Computers/" & pc_name & "$' description 'Text goes here'"
on error errText
	display dialog "An error occurred while trying to set a description on the AD computer account. " & errText
end try