Need help with "open location"

As an Applescript beginner, I am trying to write a script that opens shares on different servers for doing some file copying. The “open location” works fine until I add the specific share to the string. I get no error but the share is not mounted. The following works but prompts for the specific share:

set quote to """
set server_name to "afp://userid:password@"
tell application "Finder"
   open location quote & server_name & quote
end tell

The following does not prompt, does not mount and does not produce any error:

set quote to """
set server_name to "afp://userid:password@"
tell application "Finder"
   open location quote & server_name & "/My Share" & quote
end tell

Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong? TIA.

You don’t need the Finder for this task, since “open location” is part of Standard Additions. I think your problem is with the “quote” stuff. This works fine for me:

open location "afp://user:pass@"
--> prompts for a volume to mount
open location "afp://user:pass@"
--> doesn't prompt; mounts volume "yoohoo" from computer ""

Thanks for the reply.

I didn’t post the entire script to avoid confusion but that may have caused some instead. It is inside a ‘tell’ because I use ‘exists’ to determine if the share is already mounted. If it is not then I issue the ‘open location’ and proceed with other things in ‘Finder’. I did try it without ‘quote’ but got the same result.

If there is a way to determine if the share is mounted without using ‘Finder’ then I can move all that outside the ‘tell’. I don’t know how to do it any other way but I somehow doubt having the ‘open’ inside the ‘tell’ is my problem.

P.S. Note that there is a space in the share name and all the examples I found doing this did not have any spaces. Although it shouldn’t be a problem I point that out just in case.

You still don’t need the quotes in the string you build.

The only purpose of the quote marks is to identify a string in AppleScript. The strings are not passed to the ‘open location’ command.

So when you:

open location "afp://user:password@"

‘open location’ is passed the string afp://user:password@

In your cases where you add the quotes:

open location quote & server_name & "/My Share" & quote

the ‘open location’ command is actually being passed a list consisting of ", afp://user:password@, /My Share, and "

Eliminating the leading and trailing quote references would result in afp://user:password@ and /My Share. Just to be safe you could coerce it to a string before passing it to open location:

open location (server_name & "/My Share" as string)

:smiley: Thanks, that did it. :smiley:

But I don’t understand it. :?

If you open your web browser, you can type:

Equivalent to:

open location ""

And you don’t type:


Equivalent to:

open location quote & "" & quote

You can test the existence of a disk simply using an alias and tracking possible errors:

set diskName to "My Share"
     alias diskName
on error --> disk doesn't exist!
     --> mount such disk or whatever you want
end try