Need help with Scripting XCode itself.

I hardly could decide what forum this post should go to ----

I’m building an automatic project-creation system, that is based upon XCode templates, with extra configuration and set-up done in AppleScript.

Both issues (XCode Templates and XCode Scripting) are not sufficiently covered in any documentation, and so I find myself spending much time in searching.

Here are just few questions, whose answers may be general-applescript, and so might be answered here.

  1. How do I tell an application to perform the command in one of its menus?

I discovered “choose menu item” in the dictionary of XCode, but I can’t understand HOW TO SPECIFY the menu item. I tried the menu item name as a string “New Project”, and “New Project…” but this does nor work.

tell application “XCode”
choose menu item XXXXXXX
end tell

Please complete in the XXXXXXX.

  1. Can I directly tell XCode to create a new project using one of the installed templates? Could not find this in the dictionaries.

  2. Returning to option 1, after opening the “New Project” dialog, i will still need to navigate to the desired template, apply it, and supply with the project name.

How do I script the UI of XCode? I could not find documentation on this as well.

  1. Does anyone here know where to find XCode scripting samples a bit more complicated than those installed in XCode? XCode scripting documentation? some other resources?

Please help.

Model: iMac 24", MBP, Mac Pro Quad code,
Browser: Safari 531.21.10
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

Check out the GUI scripting guide on Apple’s site. There is a heirarchy to the menus you have to drill down into.