Need help with starting script that does file and text manipulation

Hello script mavens,

I need help with starting a script that does the following:

-within a base folder it takes an inventory (list?) of all the files (which happen to be image files).
-creates a new folder inside the base folder and calls it imagesX where X increases by one every time the script is run
-moves all the files into the images folder
-within the base folder it creates a new text file and calls it imagesX.js
-writes a “//-” into imagesX.js
-then writes the list of filenames into imagesX.js twice, separated by an empty line, and adds a semicolon to the end of each filename and saves imagesX.js
-from a folder a level above the base folder it copies a file called index.html into the base folder and renames in indexX.html
-in indexX.html it replaces a string “replaceThis” with “imagesX.js”

The task is more complex but this would help me tremendously do the rest.

If I am asking for too much on this forum please let me know

Hi Asu,

It might be a good idea if you’re learning AppleScript to ask one question at a time instead of asking someone to write a whole project for you.

Good luck,