$ Need iChatAV script to keep both alive.

Hello -

I need, I think, two applescripts for two locations to do the following:

I have two locations (soon to be three) where the iChatAV drops the connection for various reasons. Basically, I have a live installation where two locations are connected in a virtual gallery. I have two plasma displays showing the video from each location. When it is working it is great and a neat attraction, when it isn’t, it is a blackeye.

Ideally, I need a script to check, say every fifteen minutes, if the connection is still good. If it isn’t, it then needs to re-establish the connections, automagically and present it in full screen mode. Shoot, it could even quit and reconnect as long as both handshake and show each other in full screen mode.

I haven’t programmed in AppleScript so I am basically clueless especially with the general language syntax itself.

I would gladly donate $25 via paypal for a working solution posted here.

Thanks in advance,