Need index of commands I can use with Entourage.


I’m looking for some kind of index of commands I can use with Entourage.

I would like to create a rule to play a certain sound (system sound).
Or have parts of the message read to me.

No clue how to do it…


Drop Entourage onto the Script Editor’s icon.
For more specific questions, I’d open a new thread with a more specific title, such as “how can I read parts of an Entourage’s message?”

cool. well… I hardly ever did anything with AppleScript before, so didn’t know that it works like this :slight_smile:

I’ll give my skills a try before I open a new thread for more help.

Thank you!

In Script Editor, you can go to File Menu → “Open Dictionary” to open the dictionary (the file that tells you what AppleScript each app understand) for every app that the Finder can find (e.g., every app you have.) Just find the app you want info for in the list that opens and choose it.

This has the same effect as the previous posters suggestion. It’s just another way to get this info without having to navigate to the appo you want info for in the Finder.

To play system sounds you have to use a “play sound” command; I believe there is one in “Jon’s Command” scripting addition; for reading the message, of course, you use the “say” command.

You can get a lot of ideas about how to script Entourage by downloading scripts from Script Builders and seeing how others have done it.