Need progress bar while running shell script

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I’m in need of some expert opinions. I have a script that will batch create MD5 text files, then Copy them to a new location. I need some sort of progress notifications for the MD5 section.

set fileMD5 to do shell script "md5 \""&SourceFile&"\""

That the line for the shell script. Is there anything I can add to that to give a progress bar? Or does anyone have any idea just to let the user know its running the md5?

If you want a progress bar, you’ll have to use AppleScript Studio. If you want to keep it simple with AppleScript, the only way to cope with this problem is to display dialogs:

display dialog "Running shell Please be patiant ." buttons "¢" giving up after 5
set r to do shell script "echo Hello World"
display dialog "Shell ended with result:" & return & return & r

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Bruce Phillips (ha-hem… ;)) posted a progress bar, that can be called from Applescript.
bp progressbar

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Thanks for everyone’s help. I’ve started messing around with the BP Progress bar, but there isn’t any information on how to work it or what anything does. Does anyone have any experience with using this?

I just downloaded it and looked at the example scripts. All of the scripts are editable so you can look at them to learn how to use it. It looks pretty easy.

Do you have a specific question you do not understand about the examples?

Anyone have a zip of these files they could send me? Bruce’s site is down and i desperately need a progress bar.

I just recently released of a free helper app, Gooey Gadgets, that can easily do a progress dialog. A very simple example:

tell app "gooey gadgets" to display progress window "Window Title" label "window message"

For something a bit more elaborate, someone just recently found a great technique where you could use a .nib file and Automater Runner (a faceless app used by Automater) to create one: