Need Some Cocoa Help --UIDelegate Class Problem

I built a web browser w/ javascript pop-up capabilities following the instructions on the link above. It is a cocoa-based document application, so I can’t add any AppleScripts (or maybe it’s that I don’t know how?). I want to create the same browser but have AppleScript running all the codes I want to use, so I made an AppleScript document based application, and opened up a cocoa-obj c file named “UIDelegate” and created the .h and .m files.

I know from making the browser from the instructions above, I need to create a class in File’s Owner and add some new outlets to connect to my URL text box, and my Webview. And then I just control drag from File’s Ownder to the text box and WebView panel in the Interface. But no matter what I do, I can’t ever seem to find those outlets I just made whenever I try control-dragging from the File’s Owner. and I can’t ever find the UIDelegate class I just made.

So my problem isn’t with Objective C … I haven’t even gotten that far in the process yet. Anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong here?

Someone please help. This is driving me crazy

well i kinda figured it out on my own. i was able to do this just fine with the Xcode for Leopard since I was able to find the NSObject instance cube to add to my .nib (and i couldn’t figure that on xcode 2.5)