Need to copy text from 1 app to another but not manualy. Is it possib


I have a vinyl LP collection that i’ve listed in Word.

Each LP has it’s description.

In total i have 5000 description.

I need to copy each individual description in another text app.

Is there a way to tell my mac to do that without doing it manualy.

I need it to be done automatic.




it’s probably possible but this depends on the scriptability of “another text app” and whether the text in MS Word is well structured to split the descriptions reliably.

the other “text app” is called Garagesale by

There is a Script menu and an User Script clickable choice in the script menu.

What should be a good text structure in word to do that?


I don’t use GarageSale but it’s scriptable. Probably there are sample scripts on the GarageSale website.

Any text structure is helpful, which can reliably separate the descriptions .


Each entry will be on the same page.

Each entry contains about 200 lines of HTML and each entry starts with:

HTML here…

and ends with:

Garagesale is done by the company

In the app menu there is a script menu with these choices:

Open User Scripts Folder
Open Built-In Scripts Folder

and also some scripts like:

Change Text of Item Description
Find Replace Description Text
and some others.

The entries will come from the app Text instead of Word.