Need to select message during a search


I can look through messages and traverse the data scheme.

Once I find my message I would like to “select” it, to bring it into the viewer.

I guess I don’t know what I don’t know because, I can’t find any examples which would allow me to essentially

set selection or select a MSG_obj (message 1 of mailbox “Box” of app “Mail”)

Any links, examples, or explanations is appreciated.



You use the message viewer. Something like this in Jaguar:

tell application “Mail”
set the_messages to (every message of in mailbox)
set mess_viewer to first message viewer
set selected mailboxes of mess_viewer to {in mailbox}
repeat with this_mess in the_messages
set selected messages of mess_viewer to (this_mess as list)
delay 1
end repeat
end tell
beep 3