Need your help with "Internet Connect"-Scripting

can you tell me why this code doesn’t work with an Airport- or Router-Connection?!

tell application “Internet Connect”
seconds connected of status
end tell

can you give me a workling code?

thank you. nicki.


I have a wireless modem card and your script does return the connected time. Probably the reason why it does not return for an Airport or Router-connection is because these are always on connections and don’t have “connected time”.

hi costicladop,

thanks for your answer. can you please tell me what this scripts return?

tell application “Internet Connect”
bytes sent of status
end tell


tell application “Internet Connect”
disconnect the connect
end tell

thanks for your help. nicki


the first AppleScript returns a number: 56107

and the second one: disconnects the existing connection and also returns an error
“Internet Connect got an error: Connection is invalid.”


thank you a lot. you helped me really much…

greetings nicki