Needing script to create new network or send file or browse device BT

Hi, im new here but have read alot of the posts for a while now
I need some help :stuck_out_tongue: with trying to send messages a quick and easy way so either i need an applescript for creating a comp to comp network or to browse or send file through bluetooth

iChat, or maybe Wired?

Can’t, I just need a applescript specifically since thats the only type of thing I can do on my laptop. I can’t really go into detail but is there a way that would make a new server with just a name directly through systemui server I think thats what makes them, correct me if im wrong.

But if you have a corporate laptop that’s restricted from net exchanges, then an AppleScript that asks to send anything out will be blocked as well. These corp. IP guys aren’t dummies.

Actually its not a corp. its more of a school situation, and its unblocked all that is, is a button, all i need is an applescript that will use systemui server and make a network or a script that will take another computer thats already set up and linked to mine and send a message or browse it via finder

No one here will help you circumvent your school’s computer usage policies. They exist for a reason.

Please don’t post these kinds of requests here.

And to add to Mike’s comment, the place to start is with your School’s IT folks. If you have a legitimate need, it can probably be arranged with them. If not, as Mikey-san said, we won’t help. Some years ago I wanted to use Timbuktu to run my home computer from a university and vice versa. When I explained that, it happened.