net jamming conecpt... or something like that.

i need to get something done and i thought a good app is the way to go. i’m a not so newbie with applescript, and i was hoping that with your help i could get the work done.
this is the problem that needs a solution:
my little brother.
in my house there is a PC ( for my 2 brothers ), a notebook ( for my mother ), and my mac mini. we are all connected to a Linksys Router WRT54G and from there to the internet. the problem is that my little brother is totally hooked up with WoW, and he stays until late hours at night playing… and his PC is outside my room. so, when i want to have some privacy with my girl, i have to pray for the server to be down, or him to be tired of playing… otherwise, he sits there and plays all night.

i need help with the concept and later on, with its development; but i thought it could be a fun project.
i was thinking of doing the following:
to somehow, make that a certain ip ( we have statics 192.168.1.x ) has a total block of internet on intervals of a minute or so, during the time i let the app running.
that way, every 10 minutes, for a whole minute, that IP is out of internet connection.
if i do that, eventually he’ll grow tired and go to watch tv or sleep, far far away from my room.

well… thats my idea.
any other idea?
any clues on how to get this one done?

thank you all!


What you are describing is essentially a “denial of service” attack , albeit on your little brother and not on Microsoft (for example).

Not sure that’s entirely ethical, but theoretically, you could continually ping your brother’s computer using a simple:

do shell script "ping 192.168.0.X"

until it times out.

yes, i know its not ethical, but c’mon, he plays wow and chats and laughs at 3am in the morning just outside my room!

seems like an alternative.
ok… could i raise the size of the ping-package?