New EyeTV 3.0.1 code

EyeTV finally fixed one bug and i try to use this new code:

tell application "EyeTV" to set live_tv_all_info to program info of player_window 1

It returns:

{|currentShow|:{|startTime|:date “Monday, April 14, 2008 1:45:00 AM”, |endTime|:date “Monday, April 14, 2008 2:30:06 AM”, title:“News”, |shortDescription|:“News Now”}, |nextShow|:{|startTime|:date “Monday, April 14, 2008 2:30:06 AM”, |endTime|:date “Monday, April 14, 2008 3:00:00 AM”, title:“Weather”, |shortDescription|:“Weather Now”}}

I’m never seen code like that. How i can extract any information from that mess? I have tried everything, but nothing works, unless i parse thru letter by letter.

There must be some code like this:

set whateva to shortDescription of currentShow

It’s not a mess, it’s a list of two records

tell application "EyeTV"
	tell (get program info of player_window 1)
		set {cur_endTime, cur_shortDescription, cur_startTime, cut_title} to {|endTime|, |shortDescription|, |startTime|, |title|} of its |currentShow|
		set {nxt_endTime, nxt_shortDescription, nxt_startTime, nxt_title} to {|endTime|, |shortDescription|, |startTime|, |title|} of its |nextShow|
	end tell
end tell