New Guy - Copy Files On Drive Insert?

Can applescript have the ability to copy certain files on my hard drive to a usb key when it is inserted? Is there a way to do this with applescript… or maybe automator?


AS has events one can attach to folders, but not to volumes. You could write a script that looks to see if the volume is mounted and then copy the files if it is. You could cron it to run automatically every so often, but that seems like overkill.

If you’re new to this stuff, maybe just the script to copy files that you would have to double-click to run would be a good start.

If you can write an AS which will copy the files you are interested to the usb key then the following MAY help by detecting when the usb key is inserted into your computer.
It is titled “Do Something When” and can be found at"
Give it a look see !