New Job help unzip & rename AppleScript

Hi all

I’m new to the site and applescript I’ve landed a new job which requires renaming lots of files then working on the artwork inside I’m just doing them one by one is tedious so tried automator which has helped but hit a brick wall with scripts.

I’ve been trying for the last week to learn without success can anyone help with this or some of it??

What i need is a script that will copy a selected parent folder to the desktop then unzip the .zip held within it then bin the .zip archive. I then need to rename the folder it has extracted by adding FA to the name it is already called which is always VA and a given number eg VA12345 or VA54321
needs to become VA12345 FA or VA54321 FA this name then needs to be given to the parent folder aswell???

any ideas anyone I’m sure it can be done but struggling any help would be appreciated even to the unzipping stage if poss and i’ll just keep renaming manually

Thanks in advance

Hi all

I’m guessing that this script is either to hard to accomplish with applescript or can’t be done thanks to all who have taken a look, but i’m still no closer to achieving it after trying and trying so going maybe look at java or python??