New Problem with Old Scripts


We have just recently been getting an unusal OSA error with a set of scripts that have been used, without incident, for a long time. The error is a -1757, which is the Missing Dialect error. We have never seen this before and are quite stumped as to why it has appreared. Our Applescript stats are as follows:
OS: v9.2.2
Applescript: v1.6
Standard Additions: v1.6
The Security Library is present and this is a straight OS 9 environment.

The error occurs on the scripts randomly and not always with the same script. Replacing the scripts corrects the problem for a short time, but it returns. Does anyone have any insight into what could cause this error to manifest? Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you - Doug Gregan

This is a semi-thypical OSA error, and it does not exists (at least I don’t know it) documentation about this error and how-to fix it; but I’d try some things:

  • Make sure you have NOT dialects within your scripting additions folder.
  • " " you have installed the FIVE security modules at extensions folder.
  • Upgrade immediately to AS 1.8.2b3, which is a cool version (1.6 is buggy).
  • Recompile scripts which are very old, saving them in a fresh new scpt.

This may solve your problem… (or perhaps not :shock: )