New project - which way to go?

Hello -

I have folders & files that I need moved around when they “appear”/dropped in a specific folder. It should be fairly simple - at least high level. I don’t want to get fancy. But making the decision on where to even start…

Do I want to use Applescript, Automator or Folder Actions for this kind of thing?

Here’s an example:
A file or folder is dropped into “/tvdownloads”.
for a file: /tvdownloads/csi-miami-s02e01.mp4 <<- match only “csi-miami” >> move file to -->> /tvshows/csi-miami
or a folder: /tvdownloads/bones-s03e01 <<- match only “bones” >> move whole folder to -->> /tvshows/bones

Thanks kindly,

Folder actions - that’s AppleScript anyways :wink:

Or get Hazel…

Thanks Alastor - Hazel appears to be the answer. No scripting required…