New Script Editor in 10.2.3?

According to the blurb on the front page of, the OS X 10.2.3 update “includes major update to Script Editor.”

After running the update, my Script Editor hasn’t changed. What version of Script Editor should I have now? Does it need to be in a certain filesystem location when the update is run in order to get updated?

Script Editor is at version 1.9 as of OS X 10.2.3. The article is referring to a preview release of Script Editor 2.0.

The script editor is still at ver 1.9 as Rob points out, but applescript itself has been bumped to ver 1.9.1 in OSX 10.2.3

You’ll need to get the latest Dev Tools (Dec 11 2002) to get the full functionality of the beta Script Editor ver 2.0 which includes installers for the new script editor and a newer version of System Events. They are both in the Pre-Release Software folder.

If you follow the link in my previous post, you can get Script Editor 2.0 without downloading Dev Tools.

Here’s a direct download link from Apple…

Do you need the new installer to use the example scripts? It’s not included with the SE 2.0 download.

Oh yeah, the new needs 10.2.3 to be installed or it won’t allow you to install it.

Anyhow, the new ScriptEditor opens a lot of new doors for Applescripters. Yipeeee & Yahoooo

If the script contains tell application “System Events”, you probably need the new System Events app. I installed the Dev Tools, the new Script Editor, and System Events all at the same time (from Dev Tools), in addition to OS X 10.2.3, so I didn’t pay attention to what came from where. I was Jonesin’ bad to get it installed and take a peek as quickly as possible. Thank the Mac gods that the installs all went smoothly or my laptop may have gone airborn! :stuck_out_tongue: