New Script Editor Plugin

Greetings, everyone.

LibrarySE Plugin for Script Editor is now publicly available for download at scriptbuilders. LibrarySE adds a “Library” menu to script editor, providing easy access to your library of scriptable applications and scripting additions. It uses the same library as the plugin Apple distributes with script editor, so you need only to install it and begin using it… no configuration necessary.

It’s still technically in a beta phase, as no one was interested in helping with the beta testing. It’s been pretty solid on all of my machines and for the few testers I’ve had of this latest version, so I’m comfortable trying it out on the general public now. The readme file and user manual are available at my LibrarySE page, and the download page at scriptbuilders notes a couple issues that you might encounter when using the plugin.

I hope you all get some use out of LibrarySE. Take care,


Hello again, everyone.

Finally, after almost three years of stopping and starting work on an update to LibrarySE, I am ready to begin beta testing a new, major update. LibrarySE has been completely rewritten, and has a handful of new features. The most notable new feature is the ability to group dictionaries in unlimited nested groups. This allows you to organize items into categories, which are displayed in submenus in the Library menu. The redesigned Manager window now hosts a hierarchical outline view of your library to show the groups and dictionaries, has some new icons, and has better toolbars and contextual menus.

Other new features include…

  • Added drag & drop support for adding dictionaries to the library.
  • Display the library menu as either an icon or text.
  • “Hijack” the menu item (“Window > Library”) of Apple’s pre-installed library plugin and use it to launch the LibrarySE manager window instead.
  • Now supports scriptable applications, scripting additions (OSAX), and scripting definition files (SDEF).
  • Easily sort items in the library root level and in groups alphabetically.
  • Import items from Apple’s library plugin for use with LibrarySE (LibrarySE now uses it’s own defaults entry to store the library records).
  • Cleaned up the code to make it run and display much faster (previous versions had a coding flaw that made rendering too slow).

I am looking for some help testing out the new version. Please let me know VIA EMAIL if you’d like to help with testing. Please do not post to this thread telling me you are interested. Note that OSX 10.5 is required for installation of this version of LibrarySE.