New to APIs and applescript

I have a need to write a script that allows me to accept an input and use that input in an API string, and send the URL API string.

For example, I want it to take the input of GTD and return the URL and then send the URL in a browser or something.

If possible I wold also like it to open a text or CSV file and record the date and search term used. But this is not absolutely necessary.

I am totally lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am SO new to this.


Does that make sense? I’m scared by the lack of response.

The supplied URL doesn’t resolve properly so it’s hard to tell what’s supposed to happen. It’s also a bit hard to tell what you may be trying to do. It looks like a simple web request form your example but it’s not very clear.


I also don’t understand at all what you want to do. What’s GTD?

If you can provide more details about your issue, maybe I can help you…

Other free web data extractors like Octoparse, and content grabber are good at scraping data. FYI.

You can easily do this using PHP CURL, Python or using Web Request in C#. If you want to use third party web scraping tools then you can visit below link where all the popular web scraping tools are listed and many of them support POST request.

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