New to AppleScript


I’m new here and just wanted to say hi and tell you all a little about me.

I am a mac user/owner since I bought my Powermac 7100/66 in 1994 (I bought it through college). I have never owned a PC, but use them everyday at work. I currently have a G3 iMac 600mhz. I use it for home type things (web/mail/music/photos/etc) and I also use the Gimp on it. I make a lot of goofy pictures with it for Fark and other messagboards/photoshop contests. I am still running jag at home (cant seem to part wth $130 for an upgrade :frowning: )

I am working on a side project that I think (and hope) I can use applescript for. II will probably be asking a few questions here and there.

I’m fairly adept with html/css/php/vbscript/vba

I’m kind of a n00b at applescript, but have always wanted to learn. I used to mess around with it a little back in the system 7.5 days, but have not really done anything since. One thing I did while I still used OS9 was make a script that mounted a disk image and then started up an application. I used this for my kids games so they did not have to keep finding the CDs for the games. It worked really nice.

Anywho, Hello.