New to Scripting - mail and iweb integration

Hi. Breifly introduce myself.

Im from the UK and studying for a BSc in Biology and have recently been converted to mac os x from being a windows fan boy for 10years.

I studdied computing at A-level (3 years ago) and was happy with HTML, CSS, PhP and PASCAL however didn’t get much further than them.

I didn’t continue programing and have yet to need anything of it, untill now. Im after a specific script that upon running executes a number of functions.

I converted to a mac around 6 months ago and haven’t touched any of the ‘english-like’ programing applescripts. The time has come…

Basically im creating a website in iweb of which new blog entries will be added. The website is for a Lacrosse Sports team (University of Hull) of which there will be several users who will have access to adding new posts (though me though).The website is to be kept on my mac and only my mac, with exceptions of the uploads.

I need a script that adds a specific date, title, text and pictures (resizing also if pictures are not of a suitable size) to a new blog entry. This data is to be retrieved from specific e-mail address (i.e. or from a folder in (lacrosse emails). The data is only to be sourced from the emails when the email address is specific and the title is specific (i.e. Lacrosse Blog Entry 82351) - the last numbers for security on the script incase someone sends spoof blogs. Once the iweb blog entry has been created the new page, and edited pages (blog) need to be uploaded along with any resized photos, using transmit.

Im not too sure how complex this script would be or how long it would take me to write. If anyone would like a ‘challenge’ or could point me in the right directions I would really appreciate it. From a beginer, who is a quick learner, how long do you think this project would take?

Thanks for your time reading this post.

still no ideas or point(s) in direction(s)

I wish I could be of help but I’m still a bit of a newbie myself.

I can tell you that I am writing an automated system that gathers images and various documents via ftp, checks them, resizes the images if necessary, sends automated e-mail confirmations, reads and writes information based on a user profile, and several other application specific events. So far I have been working on it for about a month (off and on) and I would have to guess it is around 3000+ lines in 17 scripts.

About two months ago I bought an old copy of AppleScript by Hanaan Rosenthal and read it cover to cover. That book and the help of the folks on this site have gotten me further than I would have believed possible. I am almost able to let myself believe I can make this work.

Thanks, I’ll have a look into it. Ive got around 2 months to sort it and im working full time at the moment (7 days) so not sure if 2 hours a night will cover it.