New twist on scripting "Open Recent" menu

Here’s what happened previously” as they say on the soap operas.

Now here’s some added stuff … using IB, I add a separator item above the “Clear Menu” item of the “Open Recent” sub menu and it does not show in the running app. I’ve tried both leaving “Open Recent” + “Clear Menu” globally connected, and connecting them to my applescript file. Nothing changes in what I have described in the earlier post … namely:

   set recentFile to ¬
       make new menu item at the end of the menu items of the recentFilesMenu ¬
           with properties {title:gExcelDoc, name:recentItem, enabled:true}

My “make new menu item …” statement does work with “at the end”, but does not work with “at the beginning”. That is, the 'Clear Menu" item for “at the beginning” remains dimmed and as the solitary sub menu item. With “at the end”, the file gExcelDoc shows and overwrites “Clear Menu”.