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For a couple of months I have searched for training videos, and have found the full spectrum, from the 3 minute very amateur YouTube, to the professional products listed below which have been excellent:

( 1 ) Objective-C and Xcode Essential Training
Author : Craig Williams

( 2 ) Bill Dudney from the Pragmatic Bookshelf

( 3 ) John C Murphy

Before I started trying to learn Cocoa and Objective C, I had found some tutorials AppleScript ObjC

As it turns out there is a fellow named “Craig Williams” from who had written some of the tutorials, and had always been most helpful. As it turns out, he has created a 6+ hour video course (68 lessons) on “Objective-C and Xcode Essential Training”

Eventually I decided to try to pursue Cocoa and Objective C, and I have been trying to document and pass on what I have learned, and even if what I have learned is not much, at least it is a starting point for some people that may know a little less than me, if that is possible…

Anyway, some feedback about :

Objective-C and Xcode Essential Training
Author : Craig Williams

I have gone through the “NSUserDefaults pt. 5”, and it has been an awesome experience. I was going to wait until the DVD became available next month, but decided not to wait, and re-joined so I could start watching the videos right away. I was already familiar with a lot of the stuff in the first few lessons, but very quickly I started learning a lot of things I didn’t know. The lessons got really interesting, very quickly…

Craig has a wonderful way of teaching, and I sincerely hope he will continue making more videos.

I liked Bill Dudney’s videos, John C. Murphy was excellent as well, but my favorite by far has been Craig Williams’ videos. I am only half way through the course, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the 68 lessons. He just explains stuff really well, and I am enjoying his style very much.

Hopefully somebody else will benefit from this…

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Bill Hernandez
Plano, Texas