New Window to specific path?

So in the following script:

set the_position to {{6, 63}}
set the_bounds to {{6, 63, 324, 764}}
set the_paths to {path to desktop folder}

tell application “Finder”
repeat with i from 1 to (count the_bounds)
set new_window to make new Finder window to (item i of the_paths)
tell new_window
set toolbar visible to false
set current view to list view
set bounds to (item i of the_bounds)
tell its list view options
set calculates folder sizes to false
set icon size to small
set sort column to modification date column
set uses relative dates to false
end tell
end tell
end repeat
end tell

How do I tell the window to go to a specific path. I only know how to get the window to default to know places (ie desktop folder, home folder etc . . .). I’d like to be able to have a new window default position and to a specific location.

Nevermind, I got it. Not very elegantly. But it works