New Xcode Plugin - beta testers needed

Greetings, everyone.

I’m working to release a new plugin for Xcode, and need a few more people to help with beta testing the plugin and the installer I’ve created for it. I’ve had a couple people take a look, and seem to have worked out the major problems. I am no longer receiving any errors or having problems, but the way others use it may expose problems that I may not encounter. I’m looking for a handful of both experienced and inexperienced Xcode users to help evaluate the functionality, reliability, and design of the software. All suggestions and input will be welcome.

Product Overview:
The plugin, named “Chronicle”, is an integrated file editor and manager. It allows the Xcode user to create a directory in which they store an ‘unlimited’ hierarchy of plain text files which can contain any text the users desires. The intended purpose is to provide the user quick access to frequently used bits of text, which can be easily inserted into the current Xcode editor. The plugin also allows the user to “capture” selections or entire file contents from the current code editor into the Chronicle editor. The File Index can create, rename, move, and delete files and groups, and has a format similar to that of Xcode’s Groups & Files view. The Editor is a plain text (only) editor that provides most features found in common text editors.

The first public release will be available here through ScriptBuilders, once I am reasonably sure it has no major flaws, and will be distributed as freeware. Although it will not be an open-source project, I will be happy to discuss and share the methods used to develop the project.

Anyone interested in getting a beta copy and trying to ‘break it’ for me please send me an email using the forum email feature, or email me at jobu10000(a)

Thanks for your help,

Greetings again, everyone.

It’s been… um… like 8 months since I first announced that I’d be releasing Chronicle, and I’m finally ready to beta test… again. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve completely redesigned the plugin and how it works, and rebuilt it from the ground up. With changes in how the plugin architecture is supported for newer versions of Xcode, it is actually built as a true Xcode plugin. Plugins now run much faster and don’t have too many holes in their cocoa support, so it’s almost reasonable to develop full-blown plugins using the AS plugin template. Almost none of the original code was reused, so I have to do some more beta testing to make sure the new code is sound. The comments in the original post about what the plugin is and how it works are still applicable, but the design and supporting code have changed.

I would like to get a handful of beta testers to try out my new version, to see how both the plugin and the installer work under pressure. I’m interested in the input of experienced and inexperienced Xcode users. Please let me know via email if you would be interested in helping out with the beta testing of this release. I’ll send a copy via email.

It is currently configured to require 10.4/xcode 2.0+. I don’t plan to “officially” support xcode versions less that 2.0, but I will do some testing and possibly enable installation for lower versions if I find that they do not have any incompatibilities.

Hopefully, I can get any bugs we can find hammered out quickly, and get this puppy released… finally! :rolleyes:

Thanks for your interest,

I’d like to make one final request for help with testing this project. I’ve spent a lot of time developing Chronicle and want to be able to make a public release soon. I do not, however, want to rush into a release that I’ll have to immediately release a major update to because of a simple oversight in the first public version.

I could use just a few more people to test it for me. All I need is for people to run the installer, set up the app and configure preferences, then use the app a few times to see if any glaring problems arise. Then, you can uninstall it and forget I ever asked for help. :wink:

Please contact me via email so I can get some more copies out there. Thanks…


I downloaded your Chronicle Plug-in for Xcode and started feeling my way through it. Looks like you have a real good Xcode helper application here. I haven’t been through the rigmarole but I think it’ll be very helpful for Xcode users.

One problem: everytime I startup Xcode after installing your plug-in, I get this AppleScript Error:

AppleScript Error

Can’t set <> of “” to <> id 2.

Please note that the double << or >> are supposed to be chevrons. Also, my Xcode is Version 2.0 in case you want to know.

Wish I can just paste the jpeg image or tiff image I took but don’t know how. Possible to paste image in the forum’s posts?

Will post any new bugs that I find (sure hope not).

Good luck.

archseed :slight_smile:

Please do not post bug reports to this forum. Instead, I can be contacted by clicking on the E-mail link near my member info, via my website, or via regular email at jobu10000(a)

I would like to see a screenshot of the error window you are getting. You can email me a copy directly at the email address listed above. Please also take a look in your error log and see if xcode posted any error’s which appear to be related.

Thanks for your interest, and I’ll look into this problem…

Greetings, everyone.

I am ready to begin beta testing of my new version of the Chronicle Plugin for Xcode, and am again asking for volunteers to help. Chronicle has undergone a complete rebuild, and adds some new features that I think will be of great value to Xcode users. I need testers who are willing and able to spend serious time trying to break the software and distribution, so I can feel relatively comfortable releasing it publicly.

I need help evaluating:

  • The install image and installer application (‘Install Chronicle’)
  • The Chronicle Plugin itself
  • A small, embedded utility application that handles file types and icons on behalf of Chronicle (‘Chronicle Utility’)
  • Documentation
  • Overall presentation and design

Ideally, beta testers will conduct a thorough evaluation of an entire fresh installation and use of the software, addressing all of the topics above. I am interested in any problems or conflicts testers are able to find or create, in hopes of catching them before public users do. I am not particularly interested in testers who want to casually flip through its features and who don’t want to get a bit intimate with the software. I need focused people who are willing not just to see if it launches, but people who will spend considerable time clicking every button, trying every feature, and following every link… just to make sure there aren’t any surprises hidden inside.

If you have the time and desire to help me with the beta testing of Chronicle, please contact me privately via email at jobu(at) Chronicle will now be distributed as shareware, and I will be giving licenses to serious and constructive beta testers.

Thank you in advance,