Newbie: accessing property lists in iDVD


I’m a newbie with Applescript and I’m trying to do some iDVD tools similar to iDVD Companion but more sophisticated. I’ve had a look through Apple’s iDVD scripts and there is nothing in there similar too what I am trying to do with button layout.

Basically, I am running into a limitation in iDVD because I can’t get a button rectangle. iDVD only returns a single posiiton based on whether the menu buttons are left/center/right justified. Also, I want to be able to get the dimensions of the project. (i.e. Pal/NTSC and Fullscreen/Widescreen) All the scripts I have seen so far are using hardcoded values for layout.

I have looked through the Applescript dictionary for iDVD and information I am looking for is not there. The only other option seems to be the property lists under the application and menu objects in iDVD.

So, my question is how do I iterate through the property lists for these objects and dump the properties to see what is in there. (i.e. print them to the output window in the script editor or display them in a dialog or something)

Thanks in advance!