Newbie AppleScripting.

I was wondering if there were any scripts currently out there to handle a situation we have. We run Macjordomo on an OS 9.2.1 box and list windows keep getting left open, thus prohibiting the app from processing mail for all the lists. I would like to know if there is a way with AppleScript to check the application on a timed basis and if there are windows open to close them, saving any changes. Since the prompts tend to be the same for all modifications to lists in Macjordomo, could you code it in the script with the most common response to the confirmation window?

Thanks in advance.


You can bring any app to the front periodically and simulate a keystroke, if this helps you. And, for more complexities, you can use Prefab’s Player, which is able to call buttons by name, etc.
This is a basic example using Sigma’s Additions, typing “return”:

tell app "whatever"
     type text (ascii character 13)
end tell

To execute a code periodically, search this forum for “idle” or take a look to the FAQ:
or here: